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µ-Cam Camera Head

上市日期: 2017-07-07

日本 NAC 高速摄像机Q5相机头  U-Cam




 NAC MEMRECAM Q5 High Speed Camera - µ-cam Camera Head 





System Features:

  • Ultra-small, Hi-G Rated Camera Heads – nac provides four (4) models for use with the MEMRECAM Q5 DRP, available in both straight and a variety of angled configurations:

    • P2-cam (25 x 25 x 85mm) – The extremely small pencil camera captures VGA images at 1000fps in confined, poorly lit spaces;

    • S2-cam (25 x 25 x 25mm) – Based upon the P-cam, the sensor is located outside of the camera body providing an even tinier camera head for imaging inside of the most confined and remote space, capturing VGA images at 1000fps;

    • C-cam (35 x 35 x 58mm) – Ultra high light sensitivity camera head for those small, light-starved spaces, rating of ISO 8,000 for color and ISO 50,000 for mono, captures VGA images at up to 1000 fps;

    • µ-cam (16 x 16 x 27mm) – Ultra small camera head with enhanced light sensitivity performance for incredibly tight, light-starved spots, captures VGA images at up to 500fps;

  • Digital Recording Processor (DRP) – The MEMRECAM Q5 DRP is an extremely small and light Hi-G rated system, allowing the user to minimize the mass of test equipment installed on a test rig. The DRP connects up to four camera heads. In addition, The Q5 DRP offers users many of the same benefits of the Q1 series, namely, a Hi-G trigger, memory backup, multi-camera control and synchronization, IRIG time stamp, and has

  • Hi-G – Ruggedized for onboard Hi-G applications: shock 200G half-sine, 7ms; and shock 150G half-sine, 11ms.

  • Ultra high light sensitivity – The variety of Q5 camera heads available allows the user to choose a model that meets specific size and light sensitivity requirements. Since the cameras can be mixed and matched with a single DRP, the user can choose the right tool for each application.



Applications serviced by nac Image Technology Q5 Camera Systems: Vehicle Impact Testing • Onboard Airbag Deployment Testing • Safety Restraints Testing • Automotive Component Testing • Automotive Research and Design • Ballistics • Manufacturing • Research, Design & Test

  µ-Cam Camera Head



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