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2017 - 05 - 18
Additium E-Launcher Controlled by Electrical Linear Motors TechnologyE-Launcher has been designed for pedestrian, misuse and component impact test. The system includes a state of the art e-actuat...
2017 - 04 - 14
Airbag testing system  These passive safety systems must undergo various tests to be installed in vehicles. Most of the tests are carried out through destructive tests and are accompanied by...
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Shanghai Vehicle Test System Ltd. specializes in providing test equipment, systems, software and related solutions for those in the industries of automobile, military affairs, aerospace, research, education and auto parts.

Through ten years of steady development, VTS has been an exclusive agency of many internationally famous producers in China who provides the professional services of sales, system integration and technical supports as well as after-sales and lease services. Headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai, VTS has established an office in Changchun, Xi’an and Shenyang respectively.

Our products include the High-speed cameras and loading cameras from NAC of Japan , Full Scale Crash Test Facility and E-Launcher Based on Linear Motors Technology from Additium of Spain, Car crash simulator from MHI of Japan, high-speed motion image analysis software from Falcon of Germany, Airbag-test systems from HuDe of Germany, 6D vehicle dynamic testing, 3D dynamic measurement systems from Aicon of Germany,Q-Dummies APTS from Transpolis of French , Lighting systems from RF of Germany and decelerating trolleys from GTES of the U.S. Additionally, we may provide professional solutions and consulting services as required by users.

To provide users with excellent services, VTS has been assigning the technical team abroad to participate in the training on professional knowledge of products and technologies for many times every year, so as to timely give feedbacks on and solve the problems proposed by customers. The service center is equipped with professional supporting parts, equipment and maintenance tools, reducing the frequency of repair abroad as well as the time and cost and thus providing convenience for and reassuring customers.

Have been adhering to the concept of “Customers First” since the establishment, through unremitting efforts, VTS has provided personalized solutions for many auto test agencies, auto groups, colleges and universities and state key laboratories successfully, including such domestic well-known auto test centers and producers as China Automotive Technology & Research Center, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., National Automobile Quality Supervision & Inspection Center, National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Motor Vehicle Products Quality, China FAW Group Corporation, AW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Co., Ltd. and SAIC General Motors Corporation Limited.

With internationally advanced technologies, VTS is committed to providing excellent, quick and professional services.

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Add: Suite 501,Buildig C2,No.1599 Xin Jinqiao Road,Pudong District,Shanghai 201206 China
Hotline:+86-21-50373416 50373296
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