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New MVP-10A General purpose Speed Meter

上市日期: 2018-07-09

New MVP-10A General purpose Speed Meter 

      Additium New MVP-10A 

   General purpose Speed Meter

Multi function speed meter developed to cover almost any potential application demand in the safety testing environment. 

The flexibility of electronics and optics design allows the speed meter to be configured and adapted to the special

 requirements of each application. 

The system is able to work with two or single laser beams, and to be integrated intripods or supports stands to work 

Among the key features we can highlight: 

✓ One or Two channels operation mode    (Single or Dual beam) 

✓ USB/ RS 232/ Wi-Fi communication to Control PC 

✓ Built-in LCD screen for stand alone operation 

✓ Software selectable speed units: m/s, km/h, mph 

✓ 4 programmable optocoupled triggers outputs 

✓ 1 ms resolution programmable delays 

✓ Capability of measuring rebound speed

✓ Capability of multi-measurement by a train of pulses

Different Applications:

The Speed Meter can be used in Crash Test facilities, Sled Catapults, Impactors Launchers Systems, 

Drop Towers, Pendulum Systems and in many other custom made integrations.

New MVP-10A General purpose Speed Meter

Stand Alone or PC controlled use:

The Speed Meter built-in display, alignment confirmation leds and arm button, allows the stand-alone 

operation of the system when required. Robust tripods with precision 3D heads are usually included 

for units positioning. If preferred, the system can be completely operated from a remote position, 

through serial communication link (Wi-Fi option is available)and included software. 

Single Emitter/Receiver box Version:

For use in free flight impactors launch, we can offer a single emitter and receiver box version.

In this version, alignment of two units is not longer necessary. A reflector (slotted mirror) is placed 

over impactor side instead. Light reflexion pulses on the unit are detected for speed measurement calculation.

Unique Rebound Speed measurement capability:

In normal use, the speed measurement is blocked after first beam cross. But if Rebound speed feature 

is activated trough included configuration software, the speed meter will register two speeds: 

the first normal travel impact direction cut and the first opposite direction cross (rebound speed). 

This option can provide useful information in energy absorption impact test rigs.

Useful programmable delay Trigger Outputs:

4 trigger outputs, accessible through built in BNC connectors at the receiver unit, are also included.  

The trigger reference “T0” is established by first light beam cut. Each output can be activated with 

a different delay (1 ms resolution) referred to this “T0”. Duration of the trigger high-level state can

 be also configured. Outputs are optocoupled to protect Speed Meter electronics.

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