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Full Scale Crash Test Facility

上市日期: 2018-02-06

Traction System Additium Full Scale Crash Test Facility  

ADDITIUM designs state-of-the-art Full Scale Crash Test Facilities to perform different type of tests : 

⦿ Frontal impact 

⦿ Side impact

⦿ Rear impact

⦿ Car to Car impact with different angles

⦿ Low speed / Bumper impact 

⦿ Oblique test 

⦿ Small overlap test

⦿ Rollover test:    

    - Dolly      

    - Embankment     

    - Soil / Curb trip    

    - Cork Screw

⦿ Integrated Safety Test: Passive & Active

ADDITIUM includes a turn-key supply: 

Propulsion and Guidance system    

Key Civil Works Design  

Filming Pits 

Movable Impact Block / Fix Impact Block 

Movable Deformable Barriers 

Auxiliary fixtures 

Lighting System (LED or HMI) 


Propulsion system:

The propulsion system for Crash Test facilities is based in an AC Motor + Drive system 

with Direct Torque Control (DTC) technology

Guidance System and Filming pits - New Nano Rail 

ADDITIUM has the smallest rail and smallest towing trolley in the market. 

The Nano Rail  is the perfect solution to have an optimum view of the vehicle from underneath during  the crash. ADDITIUM offers different configurations of filming pits (rectangular, octogonal...) 

for single or multiple tracks crash test facilities. 

Movable or Fix Impact Block :

To increase the productivity and optimize the space of the facility, Additium includes 

in the offer a Movable Impact Block with up to 4 operational faces. 

Control System and Instrumentation

The facility is controlled by a Real Time hardware which provides a reliable and very  low latency speed control loop. EtherCAT technology is adopted as a deterministic communication field bus, being able to precisely synchronize and activated different subsystems and auxiliary equipment along the facility.

Movable Deformable Barrier (MDB) and Auxiliary Barriers:

⦿Movable Deformable Barriers:  ECE R95, ECE R32, IIHS, AE-MDB, FMVSS 214 / 301 

⦿Auxiliary Barriers for: offset, rounded offest, pole, angle, small overlap, RCAR...

Traction SystemFull Scale Crash Test Facility

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Add: Suite 501,Buildig C2,No.1599 Xin Jinqiao Road,Pudong District,Shanghai 201206 China
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