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FalCon QuickView/ImageControl  FalCon etra ImagerControlThe Scalable Tool to perform TestsControl and Readout of all modern High-Speed Video Digital Cameras.Image Editing, Image Optimization and Distortion Correction. AVI Generation FalCon ImagerControl offers exactly the power you need for your test objects and crash systems. From a small test bench controlled by PC to a large system with a large number of auxiliary computers.Readout and processing times were still tolerable, having an imager resolution of 512*384 pixels. However this takes about 6 times longer using the new high-resolution cameras.For example, if you have needed 6 minutes per view until now, it took 1 hour using 10 cameras. The same procedure will require 6 hours using the new cameras!We have taken measures to respond to this situation. What could be more obvious than sharing the task to several computers? Don’t worry, you don’t have to run from one screen to another. As before, you will need only one control computer. The rest takes place invisibly to you: You will just be surprised that processing could be that fast. A load balancing process comes into play, that considers the performance capacity of the auxiliary computers, the image size and the desired readout interval. And if you on the road with your laptop computer and no auxiliary computers are available, the laptop does all the work, and you don’t have to reconfigure anything.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FalCon etra QuickViewThe perfect tool for digital High-Speed Videos:Camera Control, Image Sequence Optimization, AVI-Creation and synchronized View together with Measured Data.The FalCon QuickView module provides both, quick creation of image sequence files, as well as convenient viewing with the use of a sequence and measurement data viewer. It also supports Ethernet control of high-speed video cameras: set-up and identification of cameras, mode control and rapid download of picture data via Ethernet and FireWire.Digital sequence pictures can be prepared and improved to create a "Video for Windows" file (AVI) from them. FalCon QuickView’s batch capability makes automatic processing possible.Different picture file formats (especially of high-speed video cameras) are supported. Pictures can be processed in terms of white balance, gamma, brightness and contrast, color matrix, sharpness and color depth. Titles and logos created with a graphics program as well as texts and time values can be inserted. AVI files are created (on request) uncompressed and thus without any loss in the individual images.The files can then be compressed so that the AVI files can be played back more rapidly and also to save storage space. Since the program uses the "Video for Windows" interface of MS Windows, all supported (and installed) compression codecs and hardware accelerators can be used.A viewer for AVI files (Master Panel) makes it possible to watch several videos simultaneously. The replay speed and size of the picture can be changed as well. Functions for single-step, positioning, autorepeat and section playback are also available.It is also possible to represent measurement data as time diagrams. As soon as an AVI file is played back with the aid of the Master Panel, a cursor follows the measurement values synchronously in the time diagram. When this marker is moved interactively, the AVI files are also automatically positioned to the corresponding picture.A viewer for ISO MME measurement data is included in the current program version!
FalCon etra FrameMerge  The Tool for Merging and Comparing Multiple Image Sequences  The module FrameMerge offers the comparison of several video sequences by image superposition/overlay or bysplitscreen/mosaic.  Create descriptive result movies for documentation or representation.  The features of the module are designed acc. to the problems in the crash-test section:Recordings from different cameras with varying lenses and possibly variable view cut-outs are to be combined precisely aligned. The objects often cannot be configured with respect to their color and the environment is mostly fixed, therefore only small differences between congruent images can be expected.The user guidance is analogous to the known FalCon etra modules:A clearly laid out working window integrates all necessary steps. Preview and thumbnail images enable an easy visual assessment and show you the result of the merging process. All inputs and settings can be saved as a document; template files allow a quick repetition of a following test.Express your test by multiple videos!InputSeveral channels (number not restricted) = temporal sequences of frames (raw image data or standard file formats) or AVI videosPer each channel:time mapping, picture post-processing, rectification, section, zoom(see Picture Transformation in FalCon QuickView)Assemble = MergeOverlay transparency adjustable per each channelFree positioning of the channels in order to compensate different camera positions:translation, rotation, zoom and flipping.Automatic positioning of the channels via reference markers(= steadiness control between the channels)Superposition / overlay modes to choose from:Sum, difference, minimum, maximum, pseudo-colorSplit-screen / mosaic up to 3x3 rasterOutputVisual assessment in the working windowStandard image file formats BMP, TIF, JPGAVI videos (uncompressed/compressed)
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