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APTS SENSORS – Abdominal Pressure Twin Sensors Since 2016, Transpolis is manufacturing Abdominal Pressure Twin Sensors (*) for the Q-series infant to child dummies used for crash tests (front and side impact testing).The APTS sensors are an essential tool for in-depth assessment of child restraint systems. This is a unique sensor to evaluate abdominal injury and submarining for occupant safety prediction. The use of APTS has been specified in UNECE regulation R129 in replacement of the UN-ECE R44. More over, most NCAP program worlwide use Q dummies in their injury assessment capabilities. Each sensor is maked up of soft and robust cylindrical elastomer bladder, filled with a specific liquid and sealed with a mechanical head. The sensor head includes a miniature pressure cell and signal conditionning electronics. The key design of the fluid-elastomer assembly enables a very high biofidelity of the real stiffness of abdominal tissues. The ability of the restraint system to meet with the injury regulatory criteria is assesssed by recording the pressure inside the abdomen during the crash impact. For impact testing, the sensors are vertically implemented by pair in the abdomen. The APTS are available in three features: • APTS-D30  for Q1 and Q1.5 child dummy • APTS-D40  for Q3 and Q6 child dummy • APTS-D50  for Q10 child dummy TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Performance, environmental and electrical characteristics Range(bar/psi/kPa)5 / 73 / 500Safe temperature (°C)-20 to 70Safe overload150%Compensated temperature (°C)0 to 50Rated output(mV/bar)0.42 ±20%Temperature effect on zero (%RO/°C)±1%Non linearity (%RO)±1.5% max. Safe excitation (VDC)2.4 to 18Hysteresis(%RO)±1% max. Bridge resistance (Ω)350 ±10%CableLength 9m, PTFE coated, copper wires 6 x AWG 28/7ComplianceRoHS 3 directive (2015/863/CE)PlugLemo FGG.00.306.CLAD35ZTEDS (IEEE P1451.4)DS2431 1024-bit EEPROM chipMechanical characteristics Sensor typeAPTS-D30APTS-D40APTS-D50Dimensions LxD(mm)105x30125 x 40141 x 50Weight (g)81±2%160±2%272±2%Special Abdomen P/NQ1/1.5: 036-5005Q3:  020-5005Q6: 033-5005Q10: 010-4309Biofidelity Static response (bar/mm) 1.01/10.81±10%   0.67/16.51±10%0.60/15.81±10% (*) patented by IFSTTAR
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Add: Suite 501,Buildig C2,No.1599 Xin Jinqiao Road,Pudong District,Shanghai 201206 China
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