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Additium E-Launcher Controlled by Electrical Linear Motors TechnologyE-Launcher has been designed for pedestrian, misuse and component impact test. The system includes a state of the art e-actuator, controlled by electrical linear motors technology. There are many advantages to the user: ⦿ Better control and, therefore, much better impact speed accuracy ⦿ Higher repeatability as system is less influenced by external factors ⦿ Lower acceleration during the propulsion,protecting impact shapes from high force peaks ⦿ Clean and maintenance free ⦿ Silent operation: less acoustic noise ⦿ Compact design: less occupied space⦿ No need of pre-tests✓ PEDESTRIAN: ECE R127, European Directive 78/2009,      631/2009, EEVC - WG17, GTR Nº 9, EuroNCAP, JNCAP,      KNCAP,USNCAP, Japan Article 18 A99, AIS 100, GB 11557, GB 11552 ✓ GUIDED HEAD: ECE R12, FMVSS 201 ✓ BODY BLOCK:  ECE R12, FMVSS 203 ✓ HEAD FORM PENDULUM: ECE R21, FMVSS 202A, ECE R17,       ECE R25 ✓ FREE MOTION HEAD FORM (FMH): FMVSS 201U ✓ EJECTION MITIGATION: FMVSS 226 ✓ KNEE IMPACTMultifunctional System:Additium E-Launcher is integrated on a multifunctional frame structure, which is capable to easily interchange the following modules and perform the following test:E-Launcher:- Electrical launcher based on linear motors technology - Compact design - Speed accuracy better than ±0,05km/h  - Maximum speed: 60 km/h* - Maximum propelled mass:  50 kg* (free flight), 130 kg* (guided)* Others under requestControl System:State of the art modular expandable and robust control hardware architecture, with a fanless host embedded PC and a friendly user interface, operated from a movable control stand. Integrated DAS, contact inputs andtrigger outputs included. Positioning and Support Frame:  (other ranges under request)- X-axis: from 0 to +2000 mm - Y-axis: from -1000 to +1000 mm - Z-axis: from 500 to 3500 mm - Alpha: from -15° to +90° - X' (Combined movement X&Z)Auxiliary Equipment:ADDITIUM can supply a turn-key project including all the neccesary auxiliary items: - Speed Meter                        - HighSpeed Cameras               - Airbag firing unit- Instrumented impactors      - Lighting system                      - Automatic Recovering Device - Calibration Rigs                    - Data Acquisition System       - Special fixtures
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Contact Us
Add: Suite 501,Buildig C2,No.1599 Xin Jinqiao Road,Pudong District,Shanghai 201206 China
Hotline:+86-21-50373416 50373296
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