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Best Solution for Crash SimulationsCar crash simulatorThe MHI's automobile-related testing apparatuses use the advanced hydraulics and servo technologies that have been accumulated over many years and support the car makers in accelerated development of automobiles Such apparatuses include a car collision simulator that realizes a high degree of simulation with a minimum number of iterations.Features• No Iteration• Excellent Reproduction Accuracy Repeatability• All Directional• Wide G-Level & Frequency-Range (LOW SPEED REAR IMPACT)• Automatic & Easy Computer-Control Software• No Sled-Movement Before Start & Reproduction of rebound phase• Maintenance-Free Servo-Actuator• Growing Options (PITCHING, YAWING, INTRUSION etc.)Performance SpecificationCar crash simulator Pitching equipmentFeatures• Realization of 3D.O.F synchronous controlA vertical servo actuator system carries out feedback control of double rod type piston and four-way servoValve similar to a seismic shaking table. and since it can control all the displacement, velocity and acceleration to a plus and a minus, 3D.O.F. control of [Gx-θ-Z] is possible at an arbitrary waveform within specification.• Reliable control algorithmSince the main part [Gx] is Okayed in one or two time discharges,  the digital system(controlalgorithm) by which a pitching control [θ-Z] is Okayed in one or two time discharges has been adopted.• Realization of a barrier-free floorSince all equipments, such as four guide rails and servo actuators, are sat down and stored below a floor level and it is served as the usual barrier-free floor when the pitching equipment is not used, workability is not spoiled.• Quick and easy sled excharge Irrespective of use or nonuse of pitching equipment, sled exchange can be performed quicky and easily like white body exchange using air-palettes• Maintenance-freeMaking a hardware design which aims at same maintenance-free Frontal crash simulator, and all standardparts policy is adopted to ensure readiness for an emergency trouble, and minimizing test stop period.Performance SpecificationCar crash simulator Intrusion equipmentFeatures• A sled-mounted electro-hydraulic servo system which is compact and functions under high G.• Sufficiently high power that guarantees the function of intrusion under the second collision of a dummy without seat belts.• Pitching intrusion of a toe- board is computer-controlledsynchronizing with crash simulator.• Safe with no change of a dummy posture under preparation thanks to adoption of a piston lock. • Intrusion of a steering wheel is also attachable.Main performance (per one set)
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Add: Suite 501,Buildig C2,No.1599 Xin Jinqiao Road,Pudong District,Shanghai 201206 China
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