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Additium Full Scale Crash Test Facility  ADDITIUM designs state-of-the-art Full Scale Crash Test Facilities to perform different type of tests : ⦿ Frontal impact ⦿ Side impact⦿ Rear impact ⦿ Car to Car impact with different angles⦿ Low speed / Bumper impact  ⦿ Oblique test ⦿ Small overlap test ⦿ Rollover test:        - Dolly          - Embankment         - Soil / Curb trip        - Cork Screw⦿ Integrated Safety Test: Passive & ActiveADDITIUM includes a turn-key supply: ✓Propulsion and Guidance system    ✓Key Civil Works Design  ✓Filming Pits ✓Movable Impact Block / Fix Impact Block ✓Movable Deformable Barriers ✓Auxiliary fixtures ✓Lighting System (LED or HMI) ✓TrainingPropulsion system:The propulsion system for Crash Test facilities is based in an AC Motor + Drive system with Direct Torque Control (DTC) technologyGuidance System and Filming pits - New Nano Rail ADDITIUM has the smallest rail and smallest towing trolley in the market. The Nano Rail  is the perfect solution to have an optimum view of the vehicle from underneath during  the crash. ADDITIUM offers different configurations of filming pits (rectangular, octogonal...) for single or multiple tracks crash test facilities. Movable or Fix Impact Block :To increase the productivity and optimize the space of the facility, Additium includes in the offer a Movable Impact Block with up to 4 operational faces. Control System and InstrumentationThe facility is controlled by a Real Time hardware which provides a reliable and very  low latency speed control loop. EtherCAT technology is adopted as a deterministic communication field bus, being able to precisely synchronize and activated different subsystems and auxiliary equipment along the facility.Movable Deformable Barrier (MDB) and Auxiliary Barriers:⦿Movable Deformable Barriers:  ECE R95, ECE R32, IIHS, AE-MDB, FMVSS 214 / 301 ⦿Auxiliary Barriers for: offset, rounded offest, pole, angle, small overlap, RCAR...
Additium E-Launcher Controlled by Electrical Linear Motors TechnologyE-Launcher has been designed for pedestrian, misuse and component impact test. The system includes a state of the art e-actuator, controlled by electrical linear motors technology. There are many advantages to the user: ⦿ Better control and, therefore, much better impact speed accuracy ⦿ Higher repeatability as system is less influenced by external factors ⦿ Lower acceleration during the propulsion,protecting impact shapes from high force peaks ⦿ Clean and maintenance free ⦿ Silent operation: less acoustic noise ⦿ Compact design: less occupied space⦿ No need of pre-tests✓ PEDESTRIAN: ECE R127, European Directive 78/2009,      631/2009, EEVC - WG17, GTR Nº 9, EuroNCAP, JNCAP,      KNCAP,USNCAP, Japan Article 18 A99, AIS 100, GB 11557, GB 11552 ✓ GUIDED HEAD: ECE R12, FMVSS 201 ✓ BODY BLOCK:  ECE R12, FMVSS 203 ✓ HEAD FORM PENDULUM: ECE R21, FMVSS 202A, ECE R17,       ECE R25 ✓ FREE MOTION HEAD FORM (FMH): FMVSS 201U ✓ EJECTION MITIGATION: FMVSS 226 ✓ KNEE IMPACTMultifunctional System:Additium E-Launcher is integrated on a multifunctional frame structure, which is capable to easily interchange the following modules and perform the following test:E-Launcher:- Electrical launcher based on linear motors technology - Compact design - Speed accuracy better than ±0,05km/h  - Maximum speed: 60 km/h* - Maximum propelled mass:  50 kg* (free flight), 130 kg* (guided)* Others under requestControl System:State of the art modular expandable and robust control hardware architecture, with a fanless host embedded PC and a friendly user interface, operated from a movable control stand. Integrated DAS, contact inputs andtrigger outputs included. Positioning and Support Frame:  (other ranges under request)- X-axis: from 0 to +2000 mm - Y-axis: from -1000 to +1000 mm - Z-axis: from 500 to 3500 mm - Alpha: from -15° to +90° - X' (Combined movement X&Z)Auxiliary Equipment:ADDITIUM can supply a turn-key project including all the neccesary auxiliary items: - Speed Meter                        - HighSpeed Cameras               - Airbag firing unit- Instrumented impactors      - Lighting system                      - Automatic Recovering Device - Calibration Rigs                    - Data Acquisition System       - Special fixtures
aPLI Impact Test SystemADDITIUM has developed a specific fully electrical solution for the aPLI legform •Simple & Cost effective test system for:Pedestrian legform (aPLI, FlexPLI, TRL)Misuse Test (PDI-2, road pole, balls, sand bag, small pets, …)Other free flight impactors•Fully electrical propeller, based on linear motors technology:Real time close control loop in speedMax speed: 60 km/hMin speed: 1 km/hSpeed accuracy: +/- 0,05 km/hSpeed repeatability: +/- 0,03 km/h•Movements:Y regulation (optional-motorized): +/- 1000 mmZ regulation (manual): +/- 40 mmAlpha regulation (manual): 0 – 7•User-friendly control system: ADDITIUM E_Launcher SW suiteMovable control stand•Auxiliary systems (optional):Speed meterAutomatic recovering device for impactors
Additium Synthetic Chains For SBA Test RigsUltra  Light  High resistance chains that will improve your Seat Belt Anchorage Test Rig operation and test set up. The chains (Tycan®) are 100% made of polymeric highest resistance fibre, providing a lot of advantages replacing traditional steel chains⦿ Single person test set-up                                       ⦿ Effortless chain catenary removal ⦿ Increase your current actuator usable stroke⦿ Remove the necessity of heavy turn-buckles⦿ Improve your control response with minimum dead weight ✓ Waterproof                                ✓ Durable Material               ✓ 8 times lighter than Steel ✓ Max. Service Load:100 kN         ✓ Elongation at MSL: 3%      ✓ Inner length: 100 mm ✓ Inner width: 25 mmUpdate your SBA test system with a cleaner, user friendly and hightech material and bring a fresh new way of doing things to your lab.Available standard lenghts: - 3 m (1,75 kg) - 6 m (3,5 kg)*(others under request)
Additium Seat Belt Test Rig AnchoragesFull Electric Actuation New version of SBA test rig based in servoelectric actuators. The system includes a reliable real time controller with specific improved algorithms and control strategies for ECE R14 and similar type profiles.⦿Clean and silent operation                                ⦿Optional Bed frame (different sizes)⦿Enlarged actuators positioning range              ⦿Straight forward and intuitive control ⦿Optional wireless pad for remote operation✓ECE R14, FMVSS 210, GB14167-2013, ISOFIX...            ✓Up to 9 actuators ✓Dynamic force of 30 kN at 300 mm/s                         ✓Stroke: 1000 mm ✓Min./Max. vertical separation: 300 mm/2000 mm     ✓Min./Max. horizontal separation: 330 mm/2000 mm ✓Motorized actuators vertical positioningNote: Other specifications under request
Additium New MVP-10A    General purpose Speed MeterMulti function speed meter developed to cover almost any potential application demand in the safety testing environment. The flexibility of electronics and optics design allows the speed meter to be configured and adapted to the special requirements of each application. The system is able to work with two or single laser beams, and to be integrated intripods or supports stands to work Among the key features we can highlight: ✓ One or Two channels operation mode    (Single or Dual beam) ✓ USB/ RS 232/ Wi-Fi communication to Control PC ✓ Built-in LCD screen for stand alone operation ✓ Software selectable speed units: m/s, km/h, mph ✓ 4 programmable optocoupled triggers outputs ✓ 1 ms resolution programmable delays ✓ Capability of measuring rebound speed✓ Capability of multi-measurement by a train of pulsesDifferent Applications:The Speed Meter can be used in Crash Test facilities, Sled Catapults, Impactors Launchers Systems, Drop Towers, Pendulum Systems and in many other custom made integrations.Stand Alone or PC controlled use:The Speed Meter built-in display, alignment confirmation leds and arm button, allows the stand-alone operation of the system when required. Robust tripods with precision 3D heads are usually included for units positioning. If preferred, the system can be completely operated from a remote position, through serial communication link (Wi-Fi option is available)and included software. Single Emitter/Receiver box Version:For use in free flight impactors launch, we can offer a single emitter and receiver box version.In this version, alignment of two units is not longer necessary. A reflector (slotted mirror) is placed over impactor side instead. Light reflexion pulses on the unit are detected for speed measurement calculation.Unique Rebound Speed measurement capability:In normal use, the speed measurement is blocked after first beam cross. But if Rebound speed feature is activated trough included configuration software, the speed meter will register two speeds: the first normal travel impact direction cut and the first opposite direction cross (rebound speed). This option can provide useful information in energy absorption impact test rigs.Useful programmable delay Trigger Outputs:4 trigger outputs, accessible through built in BNC connectors at the receiver unit, are also included.  The trigger reference “T0” is established by first light beam cut. Each output can be activated with a different delay (1 ms resolution) referred to this “T0”. Duration of the trigger high-level state can be also configured. Outputs are optocoupled to protect Speed Meter electronics.
Additium Energy Absorption Test System Highly accurate new version based on gravity for energy  absorption impact test. The system includes control SW for automatization of test sequence and automatic calculation of release height depending on desired impact speed.• Velocity: 15 km/h*                                       • Impact mass: 500 – 3500 kg* • Energy: 13.500 J*                                          • Penetration distance: 400 mm* • Brake for second impact avoidance           • Integrated speed meter • Based on ECE-R42,      GB17354-1998,       FMVSS Part 581,     CMVSS 215*Note: Other specifications under requestAdvantages: ✓ Automated test system                          ✓ High accuracy and repeatability ✓ High rigidity at impact                           ✓ Clean measurement of acquisition signals ✓ Intrinsically safe design
Additium Roof Crush and Side Intrusion Test SystemThe Roof Crush and Side Intrusion Test System is a combined test bench designed to evaluate the roof and side strength applying a controlled load over them. This quasi-static test system could be equiped with electrical or hydraulic  actuator. The system has been designed according to the following regulations: Roof Crush and Side Intrusion Test System• FMVSS214 • FMVSS216a • IIHS • GB 15743
Additium Head Restraint Performance Test SystemThe Head Restraint Performance Test system is an electrical test bench able to evaluate structural strength and stiffness of seats, their backs, anchorages and headrest. The heavy-duty system is a cost-efficient solution, capable of testing up to 3 seats simultaneously and independently. The system has been designed according to the following regulations: • FMVSS 202A, FMVSS 202                           • ECE R17, R25             • GTR 7                                                           • EEC Dir 78/932                                • GB 11550 – 1995, GB 15083 – 2006            • IS 15546 – 2005         • AIS 016, AIS 023 ✓ Precise programable loadrate control with  high performances ✓ Height Retention Test included ✓ Specimen-holder moving table for easy placement of seats or vehicle section ✓ Easy-to-use control system with a powerful user-friendly  software ✓ High resolution (16 bit) and high accuracy for all range of loads (torque, force) ✓ H-point laser alignment tool (Easy configuration of R-H points) ✓ Low maintenance requiredMain Loading Specification: • Back Station Moment: Up to 5.000 Nm                • Back Station actuator Stroke: 600 mm     • Head-form Station Moment: Up to 2.500 Nm      • Head-form actuator Stroke: 700 mm     • Head Retention Test Force: 2.500 N                       • Head Retention Stroke: 400 mm      • Minimum lateral separation between two lateral stations:250 mmRegulation ranges: • H-point height regulation: 200mm-900mm         • Head form distance to H-point: 450mm-900 mm          • Y-direction regulation of the 2 Lateral Loading Stations: 500 mm movement          • X-direction regulation of Central Loading Stations: 150 mm movement          • X-direction regulation of Sample Table: 800 mm Instrumentation:• Head displacement: 3 x displacement sensors     • Head retention: 3 x displacement sensors     • Head force: 3 x load cells     • Back angle: 3 x inclinometer     • Back force: 3 x load cell  New approach to the automotive safety testingAdditium Technologies is a young company formed by proffesionals with more than 20 years in direct experience on the design, manufacturing, commissioning and support of custom made test systems.
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Add: Suite 501,Buildig C2,No.1599 Xin Jinqiao Road,Pudong District,Shanghai 201206 China
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