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2017 - 05 - 18
Additium E-Launcher Based on Linear Motors TechnologyE-Launcher has been designed for pedestrian and component impact test.The system includes a state of the art electrical propeller system, ...
2017 - 04 - 14
Airbag testing system  These passive safety systems must undergo various tests to be installed in vehicles. Most of the tests are carried out through destructive tests and are accompanied by...
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Additium Full Scale Crash Test Facility & E-Launcher was successfully accepted

Date: 2018-10-16
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Additium Full Scale Crash Test Facility was successfully approved again. After testing, the actual collision point and collision speed accuracy is far more accurate than described in the contract. This accuracy is due to the laboratory's ability to withstand test conditions up to 120km/h and up to 20 tonnes of weight.


The fact proves that this installation is a perfect combination of our advanced control system and Nano car. Of course, our engineers are doing a good job as always. Clients are glad that such a short return on investment allows them to do just that, but it is also a good way to show the reliability of Additium.



In addition, Additium E-Launcher testing system also has carried on the acceptance, the system based on linear motors technology can be used for multiple different test types, free flight or guide, head, legs, chest piece, pendulum, throw the buffer, wrong operation, testing, such as the knees, can provide a high level of dynamic control.


The E-launcher pedestrian protection impact test system will greatly enhance the efficiency and capability of its test lab to meet the test requirements of ECE r-17, ECE r-21 and other international regulations. Additium's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is confirmed by the customer's satisfaction with the service and performance of the system delivered by Additium.



Additium offers turnkey projects that include all the necessary assistive items: accelerometers, high-speed cameras, airbag point and burst units, instrumented impact heads, lighting systems, iron floors, calibration tables, data acquisition systems, special fixtures, etc. Shanghai Vehicle Test System Ltd. (VTS), the only official partner of Additium in China, is specializes in providing test equipment, systems, software and related solutions for those in the industries of automobile, military affairs, aerospace, research, education and auto parts.

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2020 - 03 - 23
有研究发现,平均一个人一年大概要打200次喷嚏,当一个喷嚏从口腔喷出,会将呼吸道中黏附的体液一并带出,同时,大量的病毒和细菌也传播了出来,俨然一场14级台风过境。 (高速摄像机下打喷嚏瞬间 ) 一个喷嚏可以“飞”多远?科学家们通过高速摄像机携志愿者们进行了大量的测试得出结论:一次咳嗽可以产生1000~2000粒飞沫,最远可达6米,而一个喷嚏则可以产生10000粒以上的飞沫,最远传到8米之外。如肺活量大,飞沫传播距离会更远,可在空中停留长达10分钟。 (高速摄像机下喷嚏炸开的瞬间,绿色较大飞沫下落较快,红色小飞沫形成的“云”可达8米远)       刚打完喷嚏时,直径大于100微米的飞沫不受气相流动的影响,在重力作用下,下坠速度较快,距离比较近,会在10秒内落到地上,而较小的微米级肉眼难识别的飞沫则飞得较远,且会在空气中迅...
2020 - 03 - 06
日本NAC公司(nac Image Technology Inc.) 近日推出了600亿像素每秒超高性能高速摄像机ACS-1 M60/M40。NAC的计算机成像高速摄像技术正处于科学前沿,高分辨率和高帧率的优势已达到了一个全新的水平。NAC高速摄像机ACS-1 M60/M40体积小巧紧凑,重量约为7.3 kg,超高速拍摄时分辨率可达百万像素,感光度是传统机型的5倍,传输速度提高了4倍,并支持长时间记录和分段记录。可应用于燃烧研究,喷雾分析,弹道,流体力学,材料破坏,机械动力学,燃料喷射,学术研究等领域的研究和开发。 NAC高速摄像机ACS-1 M60/M40优势:1,280×896  像素 100,000 fps (M60)   65,000 fps (M40)超高感光度 彩色 ISO 20,000   单色 ISO 1...
2020 - 02 - 19
上海威测供应商西班牙ADDITIUM公司专门为aPLI腿型而开发了简洁且经济高效的纯电动解决方案aPLI 冲击测试系统。基于直线电机技术的纯电动发射器Additium aPLI 冲击测试系统可用于的测试包括:行人保护腿型(aPLI, FlexPLI, TRL)、误作用测试(PDI-2,路杆,球,沙袋,小动物等)及其他自由飞行冲击器测试。Additium aPLI 冲击测试系统可进行实时速度闭环控制,最高速度可达60 km/h ,最低速度1km/h ,速度精度+/- 0.05 km/h ,速度重复精度+/- 0,03 km/h,系统包括人性化的ADDITIUM E-Launcher 操作软件及可移动式控制台,便捷的辅助系统测速仪、冲击器自动回收装置可选。 西班牙Additium公司是专业提供aPLI冲击测试系统、实车碰撞牵引系统、行人保护冲击系统等测试设备的公司。设备适用...
2020 - 02 - 12
日本NAC ACS高速摄像机结构紧凑小巧重量仅为7.3kg,其以超快的速度、更高的灵敏度、清晰的分辨率以及前所未有的机载内存功能,超越了目前市场上所有已知的高速摄像产品,在没有达到最大存储容量的情况下,允许更长时间的拍摄,可用于燃烧研究,喷雾分析,弹道资料,流体力学,材料破坏,机械动力学,燃料喷射,学术研究等多领域的多功能高速摄像系统。 (NAC高速摄像机ACS-1 M40/M60) 日本NAC ACS高速摄像机主要优势特点:1. ACS高速摄像机每秒400亿像素,所能捕捉到的画面质量远远优于过去,并且支持更广泛的使用能力。2. 超高感光度,100万像素时高达10万帧每秒。3. ACS高速摄像机以每秒4万帧(fps)的速度提供一百万像素的分辨率,研发人员可在试验中可以看到更复杂精细的细节!4. 相机结构紧凑,重量仅为7.3kg,是所有高端相机中最小巧和最轻的,比与其接近...
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